Zombudoy 3

Zombudoy 3: Pirates - Fan of Zombies and Pirates? You Have Them Together in One Game.

A large number of gamers find that shooting games can be quite repetitive and thus boring, so it can be a challenge for the developers to produce something that takes the breath of enthusiastic players. Some may go for improving the graphics, other concentrate on writing an engaging story. But how about a free online shooting game that has just about everything? Zombudoy 3: Pirates is the game of the article.

One of the most popular free zombie shooting games, Zombudoy 3 is a fun mix of zombies and pirates in a fascinating manner. You are hired by a group of pirates to protect their valuable treasures from a furious zombie attack, led by the merciless Zombudoy. The game becomes more difficult as you progress as the waves of zombies attacking increases, but no worries, as there are plenty of weapons that you can obtain as you gain your earnings with every mission you complete. From pistols to revolvers to bombs and even 'help calls,' the player can enjoy a wide variety of options to choose from.

zombudoy 3

Zombudoy game is the third one in a fun series of zombie games, with a mix of beautiful graphics and exciting music, besides the engaging story that incorporates both pirates and zombies in a fun to play shooting style. Perhaps there is no need for great strategic ideas in here, as the style depends more on how quickly you click your mouse and having a good eyesight to catch the zombies closest to your treasure. Keep in mind that your treasure has some sort of a life meter, and you mustn't let it come to zero at any rate or else it will be game over.

Kill all zombies using your weapons if you wish to succeed and pass every mission. The zombies are small, green creatures, each riding its own boat and making its way towards your treasures-full ship or may be a group of zombies in one boat. In either case, you must have a quick reflex to prevent them from reaching your ship and stealing your precious gold and emeralds. Some move faster than others so one must focus on which zombie gets the greater priority to kill before you're surprised with your life meter reaching zero!

To sum this review up, Zombudoy 3: Pirates is definitely a recommended game for all players out there to try. A free online shooting game with a lovely blend of both popular pirates and zombies, this game can be easily loved by anyone.