Zombudoy Hacked

Zombudoy Hacked is a zombie styled, traditional shoot em up game. The game opens with the introduction to your guide, Crazy Bin.

He explains that your home is under attack by zombies who will eat all your food and leave you to starve to death, so you must protect that freakin house from the starving zombies". You enter the first level with just rocks to throw for protection. Each time you slay a zombie, you earn money. You get more money for double and triple kills- taking out two or three zombies with one shot. At the end of levels, you can visit the shop to purchase better weaponry.

zombudoy hacked

The game has a very straightforward control system: click to use weaponry, press R to reload, 1,2, and 3 to pick between guns and bombs.

After trying all the guns, my favorite was the SW Magnum. With damage level 19.5, this weapon lets you kill zombies with one well-aimed shot to the head. I also enjoyed experimenting with Time Bombs. Clocking in at destruction level of Super Massive, the Time Bomb possesses the highest destruction level of all of the weaponry in Zombudoy Hacked. However, my favorite bombs were the Grenades. Although they have a lower destruction level than the Time Bombs, Grenades explode immediately when thrown, killing zombies right away, while Time Bombs stall before decimating. The bombs of Zombudoy Hacked are extremely effective artillery- just make sure not to use them all up right at the start of the level- you can purchase over 100 bombs at a time, but you can only use a limited number per round.

After level one, some zombies wear armor, which makes them harder to kill. The hardest zombies to destroy are the running zombies. While they can be killed with a single shot, the easiest way to kill them is with a Grenade- they move so quickly that when faced with a hoard of them, it is nearly impossible to eliminate all of them with just a gun.

One of my favorite features of Zombudoy Hacked is the mid-level gifts you receive from the sky. Boxes of ammunition, food supplies, and guns that are not available in the store float down amidst the zombies. During one level, I was swarmed by zombies, and low on ammo. Suddenly a silver box parachuted down from the sky, and I received a killer Shotgun! Another time, I received a Scorpion gun. These gifts are helpful, but they also help to keep the game exciting, and shake things up.

Zombudoy Hacked is extremely simple, but surprisingly addicting. It features one background for the entirety of the game, and few controls. And yet, you want to keep playing. It has something to do with the humor of the game, for sure: When you slay a huge number of zombies at once, the words “GOD LIKES!” flash across the screen; the Zombies are as quirky as they are evil: some zombies use books as armor, others are obese and steal full Christmas dinner platters from your house, and still others are dressed as Michael Jackson Thriller identicals, one white glove and all. The game is funny, simple, and ridiculously fun: everything a Zombie shoot em up game should be.